Choosing the Right Coffee Roast

All coffee is not the same. The flavor and aroma you get from your cup of Joe vary due to the beans and coffee roast process. Whether you want to try roasting coffee beans yourself or you want to purchase the right roast, this article can help.

First, coffee beans are seeds inside cherries that grow on the flowering plants called coffea. These cherries are collected, seeds removed, cleaned and dried, and then roasted to give us the flavorful coffee we love to drink. While unroastred beans have more caffeine, they don’t have the same aromatic flavor and taste we enjoy from roasted coffee beans or ground coffee. If you are deciding to roast your coffee beans at home so that you get the ultimate fresh cup of coffee, here are some things to note.

Listen to your coffee- When roasting your coffee beans at home, make sure to listen to the sound they make. At around 385F the beans will make a cracking sound. At 435F the beans will make a second cracking sound and get darker.

Look at the color- Unroasted coffee beans are light green in color and as you roast them, they transform into darker and richer brown to black color. If you do not want your coffee beans to burn, have the oven light on and pay attention to the color.

Pay attention to your nose- Once the coffee has reached its peak for roasting, it will start to burn. Your nose will let you know when your coffee turns from smelling aromatic to when it’s time to take it out of the oven before it burns.

Different types of coffee roasts

Light Roast- If you want a lighter and less aromatic coffee, roast your beans to a light consistency. The beans need to reach temperatures between 385F-410F in order to be considered light roast. Light roast coffee is also sometimes referred to as; cinnamon roast, New England roast, half-city roast, or moderate-light roast.

Medium Roast-If you enjoy a less acidic and more flavorful coffee, aim for medium roast. The color of the beans will be brown to dark brown and the temperature will reach up to 430F. Medium roast coffee is also known as city roast or full-city roast.

Dark Roast- If you need a good pick-me-up in the morning, roast your coffee dark. The coffee bean temperature will reach between 440F to 473F. The closer it gets to 473F the darker in color it will look. Unlike light and medium roast that have no sheen on the beans, dark coffee roast end up with a shiny appearance. Some common names that dark roast coffee is known by include; Vienna roast, French roast, and Italian roast.

These are some tips you need to know before you choose the right coffee roast for your unroasted beans. You can choose to roast your beans in advance or purchase already prepackaged coffee beans. If roasting beans seems like a lot of work and patience, you always have the option of buying prepacked coffee grounds that come in different roasts and flavors.