Different Types of Coffee

Coffee has been around for centuries, giving us something flavorful to enjoy every morning. Most people start drinking coffee at a younger age while others realize the benefits of it later on in life. Whether you started drinking your coffee when you were sixteen or forty-five, you have to admit that it’s incredible. Coffee has many wonderful benefits including being rich in antioxidants and giving us energy to kick start our day. When it comes to coffee, today the choices are much more diverse and some might even say endless.

Some different types of coffee you will find include:

Coffee Beans- Coffee beans are what you need to create coffee grinds and make your favorite coffee. These beans can be roasted or unroasted. They can also be dark roast, mild roast, or medium roast coffee beans. You can also find decaffeinated coffee beans which have had most of their caffeine removed from them. Another popular option are flavored coffee beans. These beans are coated in flavored syrups such as hazelnut, raspberry and cinnamon, giving you something new and sweet to enjoy.

Ground Coffee Beans- When you don’t want to grind your own coffee beans every morning or do not have a fancy super automatic coffee machine, grab a bag of ground coffee. This coffee can also come in a variety of roasts such as mild, dark, and medium. You’ll also find decaf coffee grounds as well as flavored coffee grounds like French vanilla.

Instant Coffee- Another very popular option for people around the world is instant coffee grounds. Instant coffee or soluble coffee comes from brewed coffee beans that are either freeze-dried or spray-dried. To make your coffee, add instant coffee to your mug and pour hot water over it. The dried coffee dissolves leaving you with a cup of hot coffee. Instant coffee can also be used for baking, on your hiking trips, and is used in making Greek frappes.

Cold Brew- The more recent coffee drink type today is cold brew coffee. You can find cold brew bottled coffee that comes ready to drink or cold brew grinds that you can use at home to make your own coffee.

Single-Serve Coffee Pods- If you want a perfect cup of coffee without using too much of your coffee grinds or favorite coffee, single-serve coffee capsules could be the answer for you. In order to use these single-serve coffee pods, you will need a coffee machine that takes them. These pods are perfect because everyone can get their favorite cup of coffee without making a whole pot and throwing it away.

These are some of the different types of coffee beverages you can consume today. Whether you want a cup of coffee in the morning or at night, there are plenty of options and flavors available that will suit your needs.