Two One-Gallon Cold Brew Coffee Filter Pouches (2-pack) and 3 Free Recipe Books - "Cooking with Cold Brew Coffee" downloadable eBooks from Madescolabscom

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Now you are viewing Two One-Gallon Cold Brew Coffee Filter Pouches (2-pack) and 3 Free Recipe Books - "Cooking with Cold Brew Coffee" downloadable eBooks which is one of our many available coffee items from the manufacturer Madescolabscom. Buy this amazing coffee merchandise now or look through our site for other choices.

Manufacturer Description

Trues success means making the best, the most affordable. That's been our aim - that's our hallmark! Given Madescolabs' one-year full replacement guarantee - it is no surprise fine restaurants specifically request the Madesco Cold Brew Coffee Strainer Pouch to render an exquisite cold brew ice coffee (or coffee concentrate) with smooth flavor, rich undertones and side-step the bitterness associated with coffee beans assaulted by scalding water. For a mellow flavor with hints of caramel choose just the right bean, medium grind. Pour some cold-brew onto ice for a refreshing pick-me-up. Or steep an extra-strong batch for concentrate to add to frothy steamed milk for an exceedingly smooth cappuccino. Keep some on-hand in your fridge and dilute for a refreshing beverage - hot or cold. Add to ice cream, whipped cream, icings, Mexican mole, barbecue sauce, chili, any other dishes looking for a touch of "cold brew coffee magic." Just spoon a quality, medium-grind coffee, into the coffee pouch, making sure all the coffee settles into the pouch's bottom. Holding the mouth of your pouch above your brewing container, slowly pour cool fresh water into the pouch, thoroughly saturating the medium-grind coffee. Pull the pouch draw strings to close and immerse the portion of the pouch holding the coffee below the water level. Use the lid of your container to hold the pouch opening above water (or you can hang the pouch top outside the container altogether). Find something to do for 12 hours and let the magic take place. No need to shake or stir the water once the coffee is saturated - nature's dispersive forces do all the mixing for you (a little science here). Once made, store your cold brew in the refrigerator - it really does store marvelously - keeping a lid on it to avoid fridge smells and pesky oxygen. Use in recipes, beverages or make a hot toddy!

Product Features

Each pouch/filter makes a gallon of delicious cold-brew coffee. Specifically tailored for cold coffee brewing (not a converted nut-milk bag as we've found nutmilk bags' filtering properties don't optimally filter coffee grounds). Affordable, durable and reusable. Natural cotton blend, no bleaching, no harmful chemicals. 3 FREE BONUS BOOKS! - Product packaging provides you with a link to Madescolabs to download 3 exclusive Madesco's Cooking With Cold Brew Coffee ebooks complete with over 100 cooking and beverage recipes, "how-to's" and secret tips from the Madesco cold brew pros. Use one filter as the other dries. Or use in tandem for larger quantities! Use your favorite quality coffee. Cold brewed coffee lasts a long time in the fridge so there's less cleanup and less waste. Never throw out another stale pot of coffee! Great for travel - throw in suitcase. Shaped to accommodate most jars and pitchers 6" x 10". Madesco - synonymous with "cold-brew coffee" among the pros. Versatile, durable and guaranteed for a year - use one to make to make gallon-sized delicious cold brewed coffee. Also, you can brew with one while the other dries.

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